Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is a full body treatment designed to detoxify and purify your body, restore balance, and improve immune function. You may not be aware of this, but the lymphatic 


Are you trying to get pregnant? 

Give yourself the best opportunity possible by purifying your body from harmful toxins.

If you're trying IVF - try LET to 

Cancer Support

Find out more about post surgery swelling, chemotherapy support, lymphoedema, peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage), and post cancer treatment for yourself or someone you love.

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Take the Lymphatic Test

Do you suffer from 3 or more?
  • Do you have tender breasts or breast lumps?

  • Do you suffer from fluid retention or oedema?

  • Do you suffer from lymphoedema?

  • Do you have post surgery swelling?

  • Do you feel tired, run down, sluggish or stressed?

  • Do you get lactic acid build up in your muscles after exercise?

  • Do you get recurrent colds and infections?

  • Do you suffer from irritable bowel or constipation?

  • Do you suffer from poor circulation?

  • Do you gain weight easily or find it hard to lose?

  • Do you have strong body odour?

  • Do you have cellulite?



Your body could benefit from Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (lymphatic drainage).


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