What is LET?

A new & innovative approach

Lymphatic Enhancement, a new and innovative approach to treating the lymphatic system is available by way of an electronic device call the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion®. Combining both the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion® and manual stimulation techniques, Lymphatic Enhancement improves lymph fluid acceleration. The Lymphstar Pro/Fusion® provides various fields of low vibration energy provided by radio frequency waves, with the intention of stimulating the lymphatic capillaries to increased fluid flow as well as breaking down protein-rich fluid in the tissue space. The medical grade therapy heads are applied to the skin creating a pulsating pressure, this is often not felt by the client and therefore the treatment is a very gentle and relaxing technique.

The Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (LET) Practitioner uses a unique combination of gentle manual stimulation techniques and the use of the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion® transmission heads. This gentle, non invasive procedure appears to work faster and deeper than manual techniques used alone. Lymphatic Enhancement (LET) is essentially a skin treatment – all hands-on and the Lymphstar Pro/Fusion® techniques are applied directly to the skin in a gentle and rhythmic manner. We have found that several, consistent sessions (at least one per week) produces the best results. The Lymphatic Enhancement Technology Practitioner will educate the client in self care techniques and dietary advice.


This ionic energy field behaves much like a jackhammer breaking up concrete, in that it provides a similar action in breaking up stuck proteins, stagnant lymph and toxic waste trapped in the tissues of the body. Once the stagnant lymph is broken up and returned to a fluid state it is gently moved along the lymphatic vessels and eventually out of the body through the blood vessels, which eliminate through lungs, liver, colon, kidneys, and skin.

With this device it is possible to effectively detox the tissues of the body and restore immune function by regulating the lymphatic system and reminding it how to function at its best. 


With LET you can effectively eliminate toxins from your body that have accumulated through the years and decades from everyday living due to pollution, other environmental factors, use of skin care products, previous surgeries, diet, allergens, stress, and so forth.  

The therapy works by using an ionic energy field to help your lymphatic system to work more efficiently. We do this in a gentle and relaxing way by cleaning out the metabolic and toxic waste that has built up in the tissues over the years and we move it out through the lymphatic system.  


While LET is received like a very relaxing, peaceful massage, is actually creating change in the tissues of your body; literally teaching you how to function at your best. LET is different because the ionic energy we work with reaches 6 to 8 inches into the body to help reduce fluid build up, inflammation, and congestion at a level no other therapy can provide. 

What this means for you during your course of treatment with Lymphatic Therapy is a stronger immune system, better sleep, clearer focus and concentration, feeling a sense of well being, and typically there is weight loss with the removal of  inflammation and excess fluid from your body. You will experience improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to your organs, tissues, and muscles which will leave you feeling energized and confident in your health!


And with a more efficient immune system, you are less likely to get sick from common colds or react to allergens in the same way. That means when your friends and co-workers get sick, often times you will not, or if you do your body will give you a much faster recovery time because your immune system will be able to do its job efficiently. Rather than mounting a full scale immune response that has you down for weeks, your body will recover in days while you still are able to participate in your daily activities. There really isn't a value that you can place on giving you back time in this manner, it truly is remarkable what the body can do when it is operating at its highest function.

Who can benefit from this therapy? Nearly everyone 


LET is beneficial for most types of chronic disease, as well as an excellent avenue for health maintenance and prevention.


  • Improves lymphatic fluid flow and accelerates tissue detoxification Improves post surgery oedema/swelling

  • Improves lymphoedema Improves swollen lymph nodes and fibrotic conditions

  • Improves fibrocystic breast disease, breast pain and reduces breast lumps

  • Reduces inflammation, chronic pain and joint pain (including bursitis) Improves fibromyalgia Improves poor circulation

  • Relieves allergies and sinus issues Useful for health conscious individuals and athletes for its benefits to the immune system for prevention, anti-aging regimens, greater vitality, performance and assisting in detoxification regimens.

Benefits of LET

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